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With each issue, we aim to showcase business players with a growing awareness of the importance of sustainability for the future and give them voice. We empower our readers to become part of the process of knowledge sharing and be part of the global solution.

The Gambia: An inspiring and innovative investment

Among the smallest nations in Africa, The Gambia offers peace and stability in a region marked by bursts of volatility. The country is home to natural reserves and fishing villages that attract tourists from the region and beyond.

Mexico: An innovation-based economy is the key to success

In the World Bank's "Ease of Doing Business Report", Mexico ranked 38th out of 189 economies for 2015, it is the second largest economy of Latin America and is considered an upper-middle income nation.

Thailand: Reigns supreme in the ASEAN

Thailand sure has beautiful beaches and bustling cities that are ripe for tourism, but investors will find in this country and its people an intense desire to achieve, succeed, and rise above the rest.

Colombia: A Millenium Success Story

Colombia has been an ardent advocate of free trade agreements in order to accelerate economic growth, improve bilateral relations and create employment.

Ecuador: Journey to the Center of the Earth

A small yet rapidly developing nation, Ecuador is the next big thing out of Latin America. While its peers struggle with conflict and corruption, Ecuador has seemingly moved past these issues to become a country focused on being the innovation hub of the region.

Malaysia: A melting pot of development and diversity

Despite the economic uncertainty faced globally, Malaysia offers an increasingly unique option for investors, as a country with a proven record of weathering though financial storms.

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