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Writing our way to sustainability

With each issue, we aim to showcase business players with a growing awareness of the importance of sustainability for the future and give them voice. We empower our readers to become part of the process of knowledge sharing and be part of the global solution.

Paraguay: The confidence of youth

Situated as it is between the two great powers of the South American region, Paraguay has throughout its history been overlooked by international traders and tourists alike.

Discover the leaders from Latin America and the Caribbean’s Chambers of Commerce

Some of the most dierse and rapidly growing economies are to be found in Latin America and the Caribbean. The past decade has seen falling commodity prices and post global financial crisis woes affect the region as a whole.

Saint Lucia: Paradise Found

As a Small Island Developing State (SIDS), Saint Lucia took a leading role in Paris at the COP21 by chairing forums addressing damages incurred by climate change in order to draw attention to the unique environmental challenges faced by SIDS.

The Philippines: ASEAN Star Aims for Economic Powerhouse Status

The economy has weathered the global economic downturn and the ensuing uncertainty better than others in the region due to large remittances from Filipinos living abroad.

Thailand: A New Era Awaits

There is much more to Thailand than the sun-kissed coastlines and crystal-blue waters that draw in millions of tourists every year. In addition to being a top tourist destination, Thailand is the second largest economy in Southeast Asia.

Tanzania: The African Lion

When many developed countries were picking up the pieces following the global recession at the beginning of the decade, Tanzania was listed as one of the world's fastest growing economies, and looks to retain this positioning for the foreseeable future.

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