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Writing our way to sustainability

With each issue, we aim to showcase business players with a growing awareness of the importance of sustainability for the future and give them voice. We empower our readers to become part of the process of knowledge sharing and be part of the global solution.

4 IR. Who’s getting it right?

A first issue of a new concept. VoL eMag is your new digital press media for B2B news about the most impactful companies who are contributing towards positive change.

Reaping the benefits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Considered by many as a ‘no-go’ area for decades due to high crime rates among other well-documented national security issues, Colombia has united as a nation to drive change and become one of the major success stories in Latin America in recent years. In this digital magazine, Voices of Leaders delves into the key reasons why an increasing number of foreign investors are sitting up and noticing Colombia's potential while also profiling some of its most impactful and innovative companies and leaders. A separate article was published in FORTUNE magazine in October 2019.

Building a sustainable future together

Finnish innovation for a brighter future. Finland is trust and quality; Finland is collaboration and innovation; Finland is creating Nordic solutions to global problems; Finland is the future. Find out how Finnish innovation is transforming an array of global industries, from smart healthcare to cloud technology - you can trust in Finland. Here's how. An article was published in Newsweek July 2019.

Innovation & Technology

Taiwan’s thriving democracy, dynamic market economy, and investor-friendly environment mark it out as an enticing innovative country. Published in Newsweek Magazine January 2019.

Poland: A Balanced Approach to Development

In the last three decades, few other European countries have gone through the same transformation that Poland has.

A Top Tier Economy

Mexico is the second-largest economy in Latin America. Explore key business opportunities in the country.

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